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Sangha Web Pages Get New Look, Web Address

15 February 2010

We have moved the list from the server to a Yahoo group.  This will help ensure the continuity of the list and make it easier to offer more features in the future.

27 February 2000

At its arrival on the World Wide Web in 1996, the web pages for The Refuge were found at Dan Bammes’ website on XMission. With the acquisition of a domain name, and the donation of a server by Ivan Van Laningham, the Sasana is now found at Along with the new address, there’s a new look and some new content.

The Sangha library is gone. Nobody used it anyway. It’s been replaced by an improved reading list and collection of links.

Check for news each time you come to this site. As the Buddha taught, nothing is permanent.

27 May 2005

The Sangha is now accepting donations.  Click on the “Donate” link at the left to find out more.

Send in photos and bios.  Click on the Members link at left to see how they will be used.

4 March 2007

Another new look. The sangha was down for almost two weeks due to its ISP, Aros, Inc., being evicted and its owner being put in jail, so we had to move to a new server at I took the opportunity to get rid of the frames used in the previous incarnation and replace them with safer technology. Donations from the sangha membership paid a goodly portion of the up-front expense of the move. My thanks to everyone.


24 October 2007

More small improvements. I ran the pages the pages through a standards checker (see the W3C button at the bottom of the page), and in the process corrected a few errors and upgraded the Saltair page.


2 December 2007

Yet another catastrophe. Over Thanksgiving, my server lost a disk.  Since that was the only one it had, that was kind of bad.  The good news is that I was able to restore everything from backups.  The bad news is that the backups were two months old, so until I retrieve all the posted messages from that two months and restore them, our archives are out of date.


22 January 2008

We are Banned! One of our members signed up with "E-Sangha," a widely-known site and large forum.  After participating a bit, he received the following request (emphasis added):

In accordance with e-Sangha's policy concerning disparaging the Buddha's 
teaching on rebirth, as posted in the Board Guidelines I must ask you to 
remove the link to from your signature.

On the website, the founder states:
Unfortunately, the various traditions of Buddhism are so cluttered with 
the same kinds of nonsense that fill the world’s other religions that I 
have hesitated to go to any of them for instruction. Rather, I have 
chosen to go to them all and find the teachings that match my own 
fundamental orientation. I believe that Buddhism requires no belief in 
the supernatural. It requires no belief in reincarnation.

I do not believe that any one person is the reincarnation of anyone 
else. I do not believe I can be reborn in hell or in heaven. I accept 
the vast mythology associated with Buddhism as just that: mythology 
intended to teach wisdom.

These statements, which denigrate the Buddha's teachings on literal 
rebirth and promote Wrong View, are in violation of our policies. Please 
remove the link from your signature. Thank you.

~E-sangha Staff


30 August 2009

Amazon Associates.  I am in the process of switching links from Amazon to Barnes & Noble, because Amazon doesn’t think people want to know about same-sex relationships.  Here are two links on the Amazon-Twitter debacle:

Making Light

My main issue with Amazon is not that the problem happened, it is with their response. Or lack of it.  Yes, they “fixed” the problem, but they neither explained what really happened, nor did they apologize.  ”Oops, sorry, something or other broke“ is not an apology, it’s an “I’m sorry you feel that way.”


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