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Joining the Sasana Mailing List

The sasana includes around three hundred people from all over the world. We have members across the United States and Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Singapore, Zambia and many other places. While the Dharma is universal, we have many different ways of approaching it.

This is a closed list, which means you you have to be approved by the administrator. Normally, this is routine, but because it’s operated by people with responsibities in addition to this web site, it can sometimes take a day or two. Having a closed list avoids “spam,” or unwanted and irrelevant e-mail; having private archives (you need your list password to view them) and a membership list that is not viewable are other anti-spam measures implemented by the list owners.

Flames and disrespect will not be tolerated, and the list administrators will ask perpetrators to leave or be delisted. No topics are forbidden; we’re not out to limit discussion to only Buddhism. Since everything has Buddha Nature, this is a fruitless exercise. This means that, despite its possibly divisive nature, politics is not a taboo subject. But all viewpoints are to be treated with respect, as are your fellow listmembers.

Some people have found that membership doesn’t fit their present understanding of Buddhism or their own spiritual needs. The community is dynamic; some members have been here for years and others stay just a short time. We are reluctant to add members under 18 years old unless we have the express permission of their parents.

The list generates a large volume of e-mail. The list has been known to generate over 100 messages a day, and they can stack up in a hurry. For this reason, it’s far better to subscribe from a personal e-mail address at home than from a work address. Some systems, notably Hotmail and Yahoo, have very small e-mail quotas that can easily be overwhelmed by traffic from the list. We do have users on these systems, but keeping the mail flowing smoothly requires constant attention. The list is also available in digest form, which compiles each day’s e-mail traffic into a single, large message.

If you would like to join the list, visit The Sasana Mailing List Info Page. You may send other comments or questions to any of the e-mail addresses listed below.

Dan Bammes:  dbammes at  Founder.
Ivan Van Laningham:  ivanlan9 at  Webmaster and list-administrator.

If you would like to donate a few dollars to assist in the running of the Sasana website or for support of the Sangha mailing list, you can do so by clicking on the “Make a Donation” button below. It’s non-deductible, but all funds collected will be used solely to support the Sasana website and maintain the Sangha Mailing List.

The Paypal link is safe.  It has a customized background and image, but it is a genuine Paypal link and, as such, runs over a secure conduit.  Click the Yes button when it asks if you want to display both secure and nonsecure items.

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